School Levels


ELC is a family within a family. It caters to the specific needs of young learners in a safe, nurturing, and fun family environment. Early years of schooling are the key to academic, social, and emotional success for children’s lives.
  • Infants                      1 year 3months
  • Toddlers                  2 year
  • Preschoolers          3 year
  • Pre kindergarten    4 year
  • Kindergarten           5 year

These crucial years are used to help children improve their self-confidence and build their curiosity.

Our objectives are aimed at:

  • Promote personal well-being
  • Reinforce respectful and considerate behavior
  • Stimulate step-by-step autonomy

We offer an immersion program in the English language, stimulating the cognitive area, fine and gross motor development, creative expression, social and emotional area.

We develop a methodology centered primarily on students, based on what they know, their interests, their talents, their previous experiences and everything that is significant in their lives. We stimulate the developmentally appropriate skills needed to build their learning process.


We extend a cordial welcome to the Elementary Division of Colegio Decroly Americano. While the majority of our students in grades 1-5 are Guatemalan, we also count with students of many other nationalities as well. Our teaching staff includes both national and foreign teachers, who contribute to the enriching educational experience.

Our curriculum is based on Guatemalan and American standards. The classes of Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, Technology and Music are taught in English.  Spanish class and other  special areas –  Physical Education, and Art – are offered in Spanish. We also  have a variety of co-curricular activities and we provide support in Math, Language Arts, and  in Spanish.

To address the individual needs of our students, we offer the Program for Attention of Individual Needs (PANI) and the English Intervention Program (EIP) which serves students who are new to the school and who need extra support in English.

Our methodology is interactive, and instruction is supported by online resources. We use a developmental approach to reading and writing which allow the students to learn and work at their own pace until mastery is achieved.  Our goal is to develop skills in the areas of academics, social interaction, and emotional and physical skills. We encourage the students to find solutions and make decisions assertively and independently.

Our priority is the well-being and development of the child as a person.  We adhere to the Student and Parent Manual to keep a healthy community.

Middle School

The grade level system is based on the U.S. system which includes grades 6th, 7th and 8th corresponding to 5o. 6o. y 1o. Básico for Guatemalan system.

Welcome to Middle School

Middle School is the school section that facilitates the transition between Elementary and High School. The grade level system is based on the U.S. system which includes grades 6th, 7th and 8th corresponding to 5o. 6o. y 1o. Básico for Guatemalan system.

According to Colegio Decroly Americano´s mission and vision, Middle School strives to reinforce values, skills, attitudes and mental habits through an academic program and a teaching methodology, which corresponds specifically to characteristics and requirements for our students’ age. Our educational program also looks forward to implementing all these values with the objective of preparing them for their transition to an adult life in which we hope they become reflective, creative, and productive people committed to the global and local community.

We recognize the individual differences in our students, which is why we offer advanced courses in Math, and reinforcement classes in Math and Language. These options help to develop their talents through clubs such as: Leadership, Choir, Drama, Painting, and Dancing. They have the possibility to develop physical and motor skills through sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field.

Every school year we have activities that complement our academic program such as contests, and assemblies, that contribute to the self-esteem, personal confidence, respectful relationships with others, learning cooperation and responsibility in their pursuit for excellence.  

High School

The High School level goes from 9th to 12th grades, where students complete the academic program in order to achieve the “Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras” and the High School diplomas.

CDA High School is comprised of grades 9 to 12 where students complete both the academic program proposed by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala to obtain the “Bachillerato en Ciencias y Letras” diploma and an international program to receive an internationally recognized High School diploma.

Our multi-cultural staff demonstrates an authentic passion for teaching that inspires our students to utilize their developing skill sets in all arenas of our differentiated curriculum. Our course offerings include classes in Advanced Placement course work, Athletics, Fine Arts, Science, Language Arts, and Mathematics. During their high school years, our students are guided in the process of choosing appropriate university careers in accord with their academic and personal characteristics. Most of our students are accepted into prestigious local and foreign universities.

Students attending CDA High School are offered opportunities to participate actively in a variety of extracurricular associations. These associations inclusive of guitar, drama, painting, photography, community service, and student council. We at CDA believe that Athletic programs are an essential part of an active and integrated curriculum. Students may choose from soccer, volleyball, basketball, Dance as well as Track and Field.

CDA High School is associated, and recognized by AASCA (Association of American Schools of Central America); this allows teachers as well as students to share with peers from other institutions in the region in the areas of sports, leadership, and academic activities.

CDA High School students are encouraged to conduct themselves in an honest, responsible, respectful manner in an environment that is both culturally aware and internationally engaging. We earnestly strive to model the concept of lifelong learning where student directed, project based learning creates a passion for learning and living.